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About Us

Joe Kalavity – Senior Fluffer

Fluff News was founded on the principle that the only news we need is #ComfyNews. While other outlets focus on depressing stories (fires, wars, home invasions), FN is here to offer a better alternative: unbridled positivity at all costs.

So stay tuned for all the comfiest fluff pieces, news stories, editorials and heavily-curated PR campaign spots that the major publications have too much “credibility” to run. Comfortable News, all the time. That’s our branding statement.

Señor Fluffer – Juñor Correspondent

“The comfiest news since Waterski Squirrel.” – Joe Kalavity

“Thank God I founded this site. I’m breaking serious ground here.” – Joe Kalavity again

“Like if The Onion rebranded and fired all their good writers.” – Señor Fluffer

“Comfy, so very comfy.” – Joe Kalavity, reiterating his first point

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