by Wendy Beffinger

Wendy Effin BLet me start with some clarity: I support the right of every American citizen to peacefully organize. You have a voice, and you should be allowed to use it to make your opinion heard.

That said, these protests have been anything but peaceful. All I see when I watch the news is fire, looting, and nonsense. Don’t tell me it’s just some of them. I am not being disingenuous at all when I say, it’s all of them. And because it’s all of them, they need to go inside and put an end to this thing. Yes, this is what I actually believe, in my heart of hearts.

I know some of you may be thinking, I’m just trying to steer the conversation in a direction that doesn’t require me to examine my own beliefs. I assure you, I have dug deep within myself, and this was the only conclusion I could come up with. There is not a peaceful demonstrator out there.

Which delegitimizes their little movement, as far as I’m concerned. Why should I listen to a bunch of children throwing a tantrum? Maybe – maybe – if there were but one human being with an actual concern for others in all of these protests across the country, I would listen. But alas, they’re all animals. And I can look myself in the eyes and say that without feeling a flicker of discomfort.

protest 2
Just look at this. Terrorists, all of ’em.

Accordingly, any use of force is justified in dispersing them. No warning – yes I believe this – just hit them, dominate them, whatever it takes, because I am 100% sure that they all probably did something, or would have done something given the chance, to deserve an unprovoked beatdown. In fact, I think this is an appropriate measure for any situation in which some crowd management is necessary. Concert venue staff, movie theater ushers, sporting event security: you all have my permission to throw me to the ground when it’s time for me to leave. No need for a verbal request, or even a gentle nudge.

I’ve done some soul-searching, and this is what I would want for myself.

That’s why I’m able to watch the news and be okay with how these protests are being handled. Because I really think, down to my core, that all of these kids deserve to be sprayed indiscriminately with rubber projectiles and tear gas.

That’s all good with me.