Chatham, IL — Meteorologists were stunned Thursday when tests on a cloud crossing over Illinois revealed a chemical composition of nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerine, and artificial flavorings — the same chemicals found in e-cigarette liquid.

“Sick,” reports Weekend Meteorologist Thomas Patrick (WICS).

The cloud was identified following a series of similar reports from Illinois residents, all detailing a “sweet, metallic” aroma wafting over their cities before passing altogether. By 5 P.M. CDT, the pattern became clear: the reports were coming successively from cities in the path of a cloud traveling eastward through the Prairie State. By the time it reached Chatham, the vape cloud been singled out as the source of the smell. It had also doubled in size.

“Is that Fruit Loops?” wonders one Chatham resident.

“Nope, definitely Rice Krispies.”

It has even spawned a Twitter hashtag, #VapeCloud. got in on the fun, tweeting: “Will keep an eye on #VapeCloud! Forecast for Effingham: Heavy vape juice showers. #VapeCloud”

“It’s definitely an unusual phenomenon,” says Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner. “But who knows? Maybe this is just the first one!”

UPDATE: As of Friday, officials have issued a Tornado Warning for Hamilton County, Ohio, as the cool vape system meets warm, humid cannabis clouds over Cincinnati. “So dope,” reports Chief Meteorologist Steve Horstmeyer (FOX19). “Could never figure out how to do that one.”