Lexington — Once again mistaking Jeremy for his identical brother, stay-at-home Mom Betsy Wittleton granted him an unusually lenient bed time this week. “Either she’s easing up on me, or she thinks I’m Jesse,” says 7-year-old Jeremy Wittleton, who is usually subject to the unfair treatment his brother is receiving. “I’m just gonna ride this out.”

Sources say the confused mom’s harsh treatment of Jesse began Monday night after dinner. “When I saw her drop a scoop of the freezer-burned Breyer’s from the back of the freezer into Jesse’s bowl, I knew something was up,” Jeremy reports.

Jesse Wittleton has been known to receive special treatment from their mother; extended video game time, more dessert, no responsibilities – all privileges Jeremy goes without under normal circumstances. In fact, Jeremy is often disciplined without explanation. “Jesse is in my room for the night. Always nice to be on the other side of things for a change,” he reports.

“Oh s***! I can play on his computer!”

According to Jeremy, Jesse tried to reason with their mother, but she didn’t buy it. When reached for comment, she responded, “You know how many times I’ve heard that one? ‘Mom, I didn’t do it, I’m Jesse!'”

This certainly isn’t the first time. Last month she sat through over half of Jeremy’s soccer game before realizing it was Jesse she left in the car.

It’s been refreshing, but Jeremy knows the break from routine can only last as long as he keeps up the charade. “Eventually I’ll slip up and she’ll go back to folding his laundry again, instead of dumping it on the floor like she did today. For now though, he can handle a day or two of folding his own damn clothes.”

Jesse isn’t worried. “Dad’s been out of town for work, but he’ll straighten this out when he gets home,” he says confidently. But what if Dad mixes them up as well?

“Even better. Jeremy is his favorite.”